Our innovative software orchestrates our system and offers maximum optimization with minimum errors



We developed a unique navigation algorithm that manages the overall warehouse traffic. This is a breakthrough in the sense that doesn't only prevent collisions, but it also manages the current and future traffic of the warehouse in the best optimal way. The system predicts all the robots' future locations and creates a path finding algorithm using time & space as well as the physical location.

Order Optimization

One of the major factors of the system throughput is the number of handling lines per hour. A sophisticated clustering optimization algorithm that combines order priorities, shared items and item's frequency score is used by the backend system to sort the executed orders. This optimization reduces the number of picks needed to fulfill the total amount of orders.



Our system is controlled and managed by a cloud based system.
No need for any on-premises infrastructures, long deployment process and awkward support. All interfaces of the backend system toward the physical robots and our customer's WMS are based on secure VPN which provides maximum security as your system is not accessible on the internet.


WMS Integration

Caja system is already integrated with some of the leading WMS systems. Nevertheless, if you are using a WMS system that is not already integrated, we provide a very simple RESTful interface that will easily integrate to your WMS.