Our solution offers an adaptable, scalable, cost effective system that operates through a proprietary cloud-based platform and compatible with any existing infrastructure. 


Our high-performance robots use localization and navigation in any manual warehouse. In addition, the number of robots can be changed dynamically according to your needs, simply ‘plug & play’ them in a push of a button.


Our software manages the system and robots via cloud with constant optimization to the warehouse (SKU arrangement) and robots' navigation, therefor lowers the picking time as each picking station can reach up to 320 order lines per hour. 


We have developed an adapter compatible with all racks, therefore no additional infrastructure is needed. Using our cloud based software and adaptable robots we are able to fully install the system in 24 hours.


Caja System Overview

Caja systems was created out of close acquaintance with manual warehouses and deep understanding of the growing markets (e-commerce & B2B). Our ability to adapt to any area and manual infrastructure while cloud managing the operation is a significant advantage, allowing us to grow with the customer while fully supporting peaks & long working days.



Caja Systems adapt to the standard racks and able to pick different types of bins (plastic & cardboard) in various sizes. In addition, the system offers flexibility in space usage while navigating through the current limitations (pillars, beams, ventilation pipes).


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Our system’s infrastructure and every component were carefully selected to offer scalability and growth on demand. Adding robots and expanding your space is done in a push of a button.




The system is currently managing the inventory without a human touch which reduces the manpower by 85%. Our software was designed to integrate with WMS systems and it is currently implemented with well known players in the market.